Bangladeshis making names in the world: Part-3

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Tonima Tasnim Ananna – Astrophysicist

Black holes are an intriguing part of the universe, something that is extraordinary and yet, mysterious enough to not have been unearthed absolutely due to lack of research and study.

 Tonima Tasnim Ananna, a Bangladeshi astrophysicist, has taken the gargantuan task of unearthing the magnificent enigma, via the help of Artificial Intelligence. Ananna has been able to script the most accurate picture of black holes as of yet, almost getting close to deciphering where they are situated, how they grow and affect their surrounding environment.

According to the astrophysicist, who has worked at NASA and CERN, understanding black holes is the key behind deciphering the existence of cosmic structures and maybe even life itself.

Inspired by her mother and her stories on astronauts and spacecrafts, Ananna decided to become an astrophysicist at a very early stage in her life.

She co-founded Wi-Stem (read as wisdom), a mentorship network for aspiring girl scientists. She and four other Bangladeshi scientists mentor a group of twenty female college students, all residing in Bangladesh, to pursue the fascinating paths of science.

Senjuti Saha- Microbiologist

Dr Senjuti Saha and her team made quite a stir in the first quarter of 2020 with the completion of the genome sequencing of the virus causing SARS-CoV2, paving a way for vaccine manufacturers for the rest of the world.

Prior to that, she had performed an unbiased metagenomic sequence analysis to show a correlation between paediatric meningitis and Chikungunya virus outbreak within the country.

A microbiologist by profession, Dr Senjuti Saha is the daughter of the renowned Bangladeshi scientist Dr Samir Kumar Saha.

Both father and daughter duo has been applauded by Bill Gates time and again for their tireless efforts in advancing the healthcare efforts in combatting infectious diseases. CHRF (Child Health Research Foundation) where Dr Senjuti Saha is currently employed as a scientist is famous all over the world for using cutting-edge technology of IDseq, to detect the source of meningitis outbreak in Bangladesh.

Dr Senjuti Saha has also been appointed as the first Bangladeshi WHO Polio Transition Independent Monitoring Board to monitor the progress of the polio transition process – a much-needed effort to improve the global health infrastructure.

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