‘We Shall Overcome Someday’: Physically Challenged Mohammad Mohasin proves that lyrics

Mohammad Mohasin is the Founder of Bangladesh Cricket Association for the Physically Challenged, Captain of Bangladesh’s Wheelchair Cricket Team, and General Secretary of International Council of Wheelchair Cricket. He is also an ambassador of sports for accessibility in Dhaka. With ‘Odommo’, an accessibility project under the Dhaka Hub of Global Shapers Community, Mohasin has managed to facilitate better mobility fot the differently-abled. For his initiatives, Mohasin was honoured with the Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2017. 

File Photo - Mohammad-Mohasin
File Photo – Mohammad-Mohasin

Captain of ‘Wheelchair Cricket Welfare Association Bangladesh’ (WCWAB) Mohammad Mohasin (33) who has lost the sensitivity of both legs due to polio disease at the age of six-months, has transformed the words ‘PROBLEM’ to *POSSIBILITY’ and ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to ‘I AM POSSIBLE. With a continuous effort, with two of his friends, he has made the dream come true to found the WCWAB.

His father tried his level best to recover the impairment, however, unfortunately, no treatment worked-out. Surprisingly, Mohasin’s physical barrier could not halt him to dream of becoming a cricketer since he has been an extremely strong- willed person.

While obstacles have been prevailing, nonetheless, leaving that behind, Mohasin keeps moving-forward by his self-confidence and courage to achieve the desired goal. “I dropped out of my school as my classmates mocked and bullied me.

I was traumatized dropping-out and became confined in the house due to the superstition of the community”, expressed Mohasin. Whereas, I have mentioned earlier that Mohasin has been an extremely strong-willed person. Hence, he recovered from his trauma in a short period of time and turned around to support his family as they were not financially stable.

He had set-up a local telecom shop in Gazipur, (his living place), which simultaneously connected him with friends who were supportive during his schooldays. They used to come to his shop to meet him and Mohasin loved to express with them his dream to pursue artdiet. However, in a few days, all of them became busy with their personal lives. Polash was an exception who used to meet him every single day while he was busy too.

Mohasin shared with Polash about his regional cricket match sitting in a wheelchair which made him locally well-known. He expressed his interest in showing-off personal skills in sports across the world. Hearing that, Polash shared an idea to post his activity-photo on social media.

Following the idea, Mohasin started sharing photos from his telecom shop’s computer. Mr Haroon Rasheed, Founder & General Secretary of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India made a good impression on Mohasin after looking at his photos of playing cricket with a disability. Mr Rasheed reached out through social media to talk to Mohasin.

“My friend Polash assisted me to communicate as a translator. Mr Rasheed expressed his interest to organize a cricket match with persons with disabilities. Mohasin said I was very happy to hear that. Mr Rasheed asked me to make a team in Bangladesh”.

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